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Passionate About Success

Throughout my life, I've found fulfillment in achievement. It started with my first sentence - "I do it self!" (no joke, you can ask my parents) - then expanded into school, sports and has followed me into my career and personal life. After years of executive leadership experience, I started my consulting business knowing how much more fulfilling it can be to help others achieve their goals. My latest mission has been to broaden my scope by helping people to achieve success and fulfillment through the keys I've discovered and can be applied to every area of life. Hence my book, Faith Over Fear.


I credit many of my successes in business to the support network I've been blessed to be surrounded by. Part of my journey has been recognizing the impact that my mentors, leaders, advisors, colleagues, family and friends have had on my career. While I still live for the thrill of hitting a personal goal, I thrive even more on the thrill of helping someone else to achieve theirs. 

The purpose of Schaniel Consulting is to lend a helping (and strategic) hand to individuals and organizations that can benefit from my blend of experiences, successes, and overall learnings. From identifying ideal candidate profiles for building best-in-class customer-facing teams, scaling and continuously optimizing those teams through data analysis, developing a people-centered leadership and culture, to identifying ways to unleash success in all that you do...I'm here to help. 

  • Author of Faith Over Fear

  • Founder, Schaniel Consulting Inc

  • Advisory Board Member,

  • EVP of Client Success,

  • SVP of Customer Success, Accurate Background LLC

  • VP of Key Account Management, ZipRecruiter, Inc.

Subject Matter Expertise
  • Career & Personal Development

  • People-Centered Leadership Development

  • Hiring/building customer-facing teams

  • Cross-functional process improvement

  • Optimizing customer-facing teams to drive incremental revenue and improve customer retention

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