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"Mandy stands out as a leader unlike any I've had the privilege of working with. She serves as a shining example of leading with empathy and considering the whole person, not just the employee. Her mentorship has motivated me to lead with compassion, understanding, thoughtfulness, and balance. She deviates from traditional leadership norms, yet consistently achieves outstanding results in her organizations. Traditional leaders would be wise to take a page from her playbook. Mandy's innate wisdom has profoundly influenced me as a woman in business and now as a business owner, inspiring me to work with passion and lead with a compassionate heart."

-Nicole Hay, Partner, Three Beacon Marketing

"Mandy is hands down the best boss I’ve ever had. Not only was she willing to get her hands dirty to help get a job done, but she was persistent in helping me articulate and map steps to achieve both my professional and personal goals. She’s a perfect balance between empathy in understanding where you are right now and the push you need to keep forging ahead."

-Anne Morris, Household CEO

"Mandy has been mentoring me and providing me career development advice for the past few years. She has been an incredible source of guidance during my journey due to her knowledge and experiences. In every single conversation we've had, Mandy has taken the time to truly listen to me, understand my goals, and actually get to know me and my skill set. She has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, which allowed me to open new doors that I would have never imagined."


"Any time I was unsure about my career decisions or unsure on how to navigate certain situations and conversations, I always turned to Mandy. She has such a natural way of helping you work through the situation at hand. Her constructive feedback and advice has been instrumental in getting me where I am today. Mandy is not only a mentor but also a cheerleader, motivator, and a trusted confidant. I wholeheartedly recommend Mandy to anyone seeking a mentor or career development advice. Her wisdom, guidance, and genuine care and support are a rare find."

-Bridgette Fitch, Sales Engineer, DataPeople

"Mandy is an incredibly smart and driven person. She has deep skills in Customer Success, data driven analytics, HR Strategies that truly make a difference, and Customer Advisory Board Management with some of the largest companies in the world. She leads by example and knows exactly how to motivate a team."
-Scott Hebert, CRO, Accurate Background

"It has been a privilege to work with Mandy since 2012. Her combination of online job board knowledge, top-tier industry experience, and exceptional communication made engaging her services an easy decision. She is the epitome of professional - dedicating herself and her expertise to providing forward-thinking, efficient, timely service with exceptional results. Often, her investment and dedication to your project makes it feel as if you are her only client. Mandy has consistently exceeded our expectations. We plan on a long future together."

-Greg Collier, Founder, Geebo, Inc.

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